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A Passion for Touch

A Passion for Touch

Licensed Massage Therapy in Crestview

A Passion For Touch

Licensed Massage Therapy

A True Sense of Touch .

A Passion for Touch is founded on the premise of providing only the best for our customers.  For Alexa, this is not just a job, but a true passion.  Her goal is to provide the best customer service and a memorable experience that brings you back for more.

Products that Pamper.

At A Passion for Touch, we use only the highest quality products.  We can provide our customers with all of the products that are used during your session.  If you are interested in the wonderful lotions and oils used during your bodywork, please ask and we would be delighted to assist you.

Spoil Your Self.

The towels and linens make the dream you are lying on during your sessions.  A Passion for Touch has these spoils on hand if your would like to extend that comfort to your home.  If you are interested in the linens or towels like those used during your bodywork, please inquire at the completion of your visit. 

A Passion for Touch is a personal massage therapy practice offering relaxing treatments for North West Florida residents and visitors.

The Owner, Alexa "Lexi" Bouton truly has a "Passion for Touch".  Born with a genetic eye disease (RP) Alexa is

progressively losing her sight. This loss of one sense has heightened others, blessing her with a sense of touch that is truly amazing.

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