At A Passion for Touch, we provide a variety of unique applications specifically designed to pamper your every need.

Applications Include:

  • Mud Wraps,

  • Contract Treatment (Hydrotherapy),

  • Paraffin Baths,

  • Salt & Sugar Scrubs,

  • Hot Foot Soaks,

  • Ice Massage and

  • Aroma Therapy.

A Passion For Touch Massage Therapy

Licensed Massage Therapy in Crestview Florida

Massage Therapy
A Passion for Touch

Deep Tissue Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Loosen up before and after a hard day in the gym, a run on the beach, or after that grueling day on the boat. 

When strength is needed to work out the stress, a deep tissue massage is just what you need. Deep tissue massage focuses on breaking up the toxins and allowing your body to fix the rest.

We will work with your medical practitioners results, utilizing the a mix of modalities to provide focused relief on those areas that require a special touch.

Need something quick to relieve the stress from a long day?  Try out our 15 or 30 minute chair massages.  They are perfect for those on the go.

Swedish Massage

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Chair Massage

Sports Massage (pre & post)

Take advantage of our fabulous Swedish massage.  A truly relaxing experience that you won't regret!

Adapted techniques are used to provide both relief and comfort during pregnancy.  Soothing and soft strokes are used in concert with bolsters (Pillows) to provide both protection and comfort for that much needed massage.

Orthopedic Massage

A Passion For Touch Massage Therapy